Bubbles „AstroBubbles“

Unique Stencil Artwork

Artist: Bubbles
Size: 45 x 68 cm
Technique: Stencil, Spray Paint on Wood

Signed by the artist on the front 

About the artist: Bubbles is a Game Designer & Pixel-Style street artist born in Madrid and living in Barcelona. She co-founded lanada collective (art collective) and Ediciones Trashumantes (a poetry & art book publisher) in 2000. Then, she started making video installations, live videos and video collages for musicians and artists. The collaboration with people from several art scenes (Poetry, Graffiti, Music, Dance…) was long and useful, creating videos, music, fanzines, illustrations…
But it was in 2015, when she moved to Barcelona, that her alter-ego Bubbles was born, with the help of artists from the graffiti and street art scene. She started creating stickers, and then experimenting with stencils and paste-ups. Her canvas is the street, abandoned places, and pieces of wood to display her work in exhibitions. Her main character, Bubbles, is a pixel-art heroine that spreads one-love around the world. Her artistic references are diverse: from video games to dinosaurs or cult movies.

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