Chinagirl Tile „Warhol’s delight soup can“

Unique Artwork

Artist: Chinagirl Tile
Size: circa 17 x 9 cm
Technique: Ceramic tile

Signed by the artist on the front 

About the artist: The international street art artist Chinagirl Tile works mainly with ceramics. Her works often deal with social and political issues. In 2010 she started her Tiles project, which includes several series of small relief tiles, which she installs not only in cities but also far away from any civilization. The choice of material and the places where the work is installed elevates her from the classical understanding of street art. There are more than 180 works of art worldwide in major cities like London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Auckland, Tokyo, Seoul, Cologne and Vienna, but also in remote areas like the jungles of New Zealand and Colombia, on icy mountains in Ireland, in the swamps of remote Scottish islands or on sandy beaches in Croatia. Since 2012 she has also been working on large-format individual pieces whose content is closely related to the places where they are installed.

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