enllama „Blood and Fire. My heart is.“

Unique Artwork

Artist: enllama
Size: circa 41 x 28 cm
Technique: Origami, stencil, linocut, sticker, spray paint and markers on recycled metal

Signed by the artist on the front 

About the artist: enllama AKA Cecilia Llama. Bachelor Degree in Set Design, RESAD University, Madrid. I’ve worked designing and building atmospheres for many different companies, inside and outside theatres, in Madrid and also in London, where my street theatre work took me to the street art scene.  I’ve made art installations and interventions, both in natural and urban locations. The past years I’ve been investigating origami as street art, its resistance, integration into murals and expressive power. Now focused mainly on urban art, I do paper sculptures and paintings playing with spaces and passers-by.
My themes wander about reconnection with earth and the feminine, protection of the planet, awareness, dystopic future and urban natures.  I’ve participated in Street Art Festivals and many Collective Exhibitions. I’ve painted murals in social centers, abandoned places, wastelands, streets, random buildings and I’ve pasted up my artworks all around the places I’ve visited so far.
I’m inspired by nature, travelling, recycling, permaculture, new technics, mixing materials, meeting new sites and perspectives, finding treasures, exploring unknown places and playing with other artists.

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