Anthea Missy “My love is true”

Unique Artwork

Artist: Anthea Missy
Size: 100 x 80 cm
Technique: Acrylic ink on canvas, mat finish

Signed by the artist on the front 

About the artist: Anthea Missy is a French street artist based in Brussels. Over 5 years of artistic practice on canvas, wall, she’s developed her own universe blending political intention with a candid voice. She plays with different contexts, places, mediums and is ever looking for new concepts to tackle. Some of her key street pieces include a portrait of ihsane Jarfi for the LGTBQ movement in Brussels and a mural for the trees protection in Cape Town. This is an artist who is not afraid to switch from a sophisticated thought-through artistic approach to wilder graffiti experiences, always connected to the vibe or the street. Her work shows a prolific and open minded spirit when it comes to social and political trends. As such, she is keen on connecting to local communities and encourages public participation to her public artworks considering art is the best medium to connect people and make them think, feel and reflect on the future of our society. ‘L’amour vaincra’ (love will win) is an element of her recent works and expresses the simplicity and straightforwardness of her social goal as an artist.

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