eins92 – Pressure

Size: Ø 60 cm
Medium: stencil, spray paint on old traffic sign
Year: 2022
Set-Price: 700 Euro

Hand signed by the artist on the back

Each artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the gallery owner. The certificate confirms the authenticity of the work. In addition, each order comes with a pair of cotton gloves.

The artist: eins92 is a German artist with roots in graffiti. His stencil work is characterized by high detail and accurate precision in stencil cutting. In addition to works for exhibitions, public space is eins92’s gallery.

Note: The artwork is part of the ongoing exhibition SIGN CITY. Shipping or pickup is therefore only possible from 17.10.2022.

About the artist

Over the years, Stencilist eins92 has made small-format pictures its trademark. After a few stencils covering several square meters, the amount of material required became too much for him, so he subconsciously sprayed smaller and smaller pictures and perfected them. With love for detail he nevertheless tries not to get lost in a multitude of layers and limits himself to a maximum of seven layers.

His pictures mainly show people, because cutting natural shapes is more fun than straight lines of objects. Besides portraits, he also works on a series of hands and feet, as these are body parts that make our human creativity possible and thus pays tribute to them.

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