Hello the Mushroom “Fast food”

Unique Artwork

Artist: Hello the Mushroom
Size: circa 79 x 21 cm
Technique: Mixed media Collage on old Skateboard

About the artist: Hello the Mushroom is a London-based artist whose work can be found on the streets and in galleries. Her work is mostly based on collage and other reworked found imagery. It takes a humorous approach to female empowerment, sexuality, body image and beauty standards as well as reflecting her recovery from a life-threatening form of cancer. Her work often features skulls representing the transience of life while challenging us to re-evaluate our life’s purpose and priorities. She is also currently involved in creating long term projects with other artists, as part of the Micro Galleries International Artist Collective (Hong Kong) as well as the Redbridge Final Party, a Death Positive Library Service part of Redbridge Library (Ilford, UK).

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