Kerstin Bruchhäuser “Walking Woman (Paris #2)”

Unique Artwork

“Walking Woman (Paris #2), 2020, aus der Serie “You May Recognize Yourself (Return the Flash)”

Artist: Kerstin Bruchhäuser
Size: circa 50 x 29 x 3 cm
Technique: Cotton application on reflective fabric

About the artist: Kerstin Bruchhäuser works with textiles. She finds and collects fabrics wherever she goes, and these pieces inspire her. Her current work includes a small series of women with highly reflective backgrounds. She portrays women in urban surroundings. She captures and appreciates these everyday moments Bruchhäusers holds a Ph.D. degree in art and design from the Bauhaus University Weimar and her work is exhibited nationally and internationally. She lives and works in Hamburg.

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