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James Ame aka. Ame72 (pronounced Aim) is a British Stencil Artist born in 1972. Ame72 describes himself as a modern day graffiti, street and urban pop artist with a background in graphic design, innovation and technology.

Active in the streets since 1985 Ame72 has developed a unique style which is a creative mix of Urban, Contemporary and Pop Art. But first of all his work is about one big thing: a deep passion for LEGO.

“At the young age of 5, our family TV crackled a little then died a very quick TV death, my Father decided there and then, no more TV set, hence, my early childhood was spent playing with LEGO and painting, not watching TV”.


This little mass produced plastic robot send out a message though simple humor. The LEGO artworks of Ame72 can be found all around the globe such as in cities like New York, Paris and Tel Aviv.

Ame has exhibited in numerous renowned museums, galleries and auctions around the world and has collaborated with companies such as LEGO, Facebook, BMW Mini and even painted a huge 38 m x 7m mural on the side of the Rideback Movie Studios in LA, (where they make the official LEGO movies). In 2019 Ame created The Maze, a massive art installation which holds the Guinness World Record for the ‘Largest Stencil Artwork’ on earth.

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