Size: 29 x 53 cm (40 x 60cm Incl. frame)
Medium: Hand Cut Stencil, Spray Paint On Persian Carpet
Year: 2021
Frame: Artwork will be delivered with a black wooden object frame 

Hand signed on the front and back

Artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the gallery owner. The certificate confirms the authenticity of the work. In addition, each order comes with a pair of cotton gloves.

About the artist: Nafir is a self-taught Iranian artist born in Tehran whose works are influenced by traditional Iranian art and culture. As he call him self vandal street artist his art focus on social problems of Iran and whole world. Nafir start tagging 2008 in street and by passing time he tries to to spray fast works in crowded walls of Iran to fight with censorship political and social problems.

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