Deconstructed Smiley

Auflage: 25 Stück
: 30 x 42 cm

Medium: Vierfarbiger Risographie Print auf 250g Papier

Nummeriert und handsigniert vom Künstler auf der Vorderseite

Der Kunstdruck ist ungerahmt. Zu jeder Bestellung gibt es ein Paar Baumwollhandschuhe dazu. Lieferung ohne Echtheitszertifikat.

About the artist

Christian Hundertmark, who derived his stage name C100 from his name, is an artist, author and creative director from Munich. He started with sketches and discovered street art in the early 2000s. His first graffiti sketch “Bat Man” in 1989 was the trigger for a more than 10-year career as a graffiti artist.

Hundertmark combines classic graffiti writing and abstract art to develop its own style, which is visually bold and exciting. The graphic designer not only writes urban and street art books and articles, he also works as a creative director for his graphic office for various art forms “C100 Studio”.

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