Climate Carousel

Size: 30 x 42 cm
Edition Size: 50
Technique: 6 Colors Silkscreen Print On 250 g/m2 Fabriano Unica Paper

Signed by the artist

Every print will be delivered with one pair of protective gloves made out of cotton and a certificate of authenticity singed by the artist and gallery owner. The certificate ensures originality and limitation of the series. Prints will be unframed.

The Artists: Lapiz is a self-taught artist who started painting anonymously in the streets of Dunedin New Zealand shortly after moving there from South Africa where he had been working in HIV research. The sharp contrast in living conditions, social issues and the resulting cultural shock was vented by painting socio-critical wheatpastes around town.

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About the artist

LAPIZ is currently living in Germany but taught himself to paint on the streets of Dunedin (New Zealand). In Africa he worked on HIV but the shocking social contrasts were processed via public interventions. While living in Buenos Aires (Argentina) he started painting huge, socio-critical Stencils. These are often colourful and seem almost decorative; this is done to get the audience’s attention and enables to deliver a strong socio-critical punch. Trained as a scientist he enjoys digging deep into a subject and keep asking questions until the essence can be boiled down to one central idea.

“If you have something to say you should do so loud and address as many people as possible. This might not result in something that makes you smile but at least it will make you think.”


LAPIZ’s interventions have been featured on television and in blogs such as Brooklyn Street Art, I Support Street Art and the London Street Art Design Magazine and can be enjoyed at festivals and collections worldwide, including the Grenoble Street Art Festival, MUCA, the IBUG and Kunstlabor.

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