Geisha Taeko

Size: 70 x 100 cm
Medium: stencil, spray paint and acrylic on wood
Year: 2019

Hand signed by the artist on the back

The artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the gallery owner. The certificate confirms the authenticity of the work. Additionally, each order comes with a pair of cotton gloves. The artwork is unframed.

The artist: right in the heart of a detailed pop-propagandist stencil-art world in red, white and black. Is this art? mittenimwald denies it. One thing is certain: craftsmanship meets graphic skill. Extremely detailed, hand-cut stencils, sprayed with spray cans on the carefully primed, organic material wood. The artist mittenimwald lives and works in Hamburg.

Note for international art buyers: for deliveries outside the EU, an additional fee for customs clearance of 150 euros will be charged, which we will invoice separately.

 2.550,00 inkl. MwSt.

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About the artist

mittenimwald is a Hamburg based stencil artist. He is born and raised in northern Germany, worked as a commercial artist before becoming a freelance artist. Today, in his stencils, he takes up classic advertising mechanisms, which he combines with punk and tattoo elements to create a mix of “sex sells” and revolutionism. 

His imagery is the artistic counterpoint to guerrilla marketing in the consumer industry. Starting with his poster campaign for poverty, hunger and sausage, his choice of motifs includes tattooed urban beauties as well as skull-trimmed pop art icons. In his large-format stencils he furiously mixes commerce with anarchy, punk with PR. An exciting, important position that makes us think about the question: Who actually manipulates whom?

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