No Justice, …

Edition Size: 10
Size: ~ 78 x 106 cm
Year: 2021

Technique: Unique Stencil artwork on heavy paper, various overspray of paint and hand painted flowers

Numbered and signed by the artist on the back.

Every piece will be delivered with one pair of protective gloves made out of cotton and a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and gallery owner. The certificate ensures originality and limitation of the series. Artwork will be unframed.

The Artist: ZooN is a German street artist specialized on stencils. ZooN is based in Leipzig.

 350,00 inkl. MwSt.

7 in stock

About the artist

The works of the Leipzig streetart artist ZooN can now be found in various European and Asian cities since 2011. In his works, he primarily focuses on socio-political themes and grievances, which are intended to stimulate discourse among viewers through his expressive and trenchant motifs. In the public space he finds the perfect canvas for this as well as the perfect audience.

For his gallery works, he tries to make the transience of street art experienceable for the viewer through the conscious choice of old materials he finds in the streets or abandoned places.

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