Size: 80 x 60 x 4 cm
Technique: Hand cut stencil, spray paint, acrylic on deep edge canvas

Signed by the artist on the frontside

Every artwork will be delivered with one pair of protective gloves made out of cotton and a certificate of authenticity. The certificate ensures originality of the artwork.

The Artist: Marshal Arts is a German street artist focussed on stencil artworks. He is based in Hamburg.

About the artist

The whole city is Marshal Arts canvas and the Hamburg artist makes it a permanent exhibition. The motifs of the Chile-born artist are ironic lifestyle considerations, depicting the world as a kindergarten or masquerade ball. His feeling for the right places as well as attention to detail, depth and execution of his work are like gifts for the streets from Hamburg to New York.

“The city is actually the best playground. Streets, walls and infrastructure – they can be parcour, hiding place, canvas and empty space.”

Marshal Arts

Marshal Arts has now been active in public space for over 10 years and can look back on an artistic development from the early beginnings of simple stencil artworks to conceptual and technical works.

All Artworks by Marshal Arts

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