virUS (Charity Edition)

Size: 29,5 x 42 cm
Auflage: Series of 9 unique and hand finished prints

Technique: Acrylic, Marker, Lasertoner on 220 g Water Color Paper

Covid-19 Charity Edition: 30% of the profit will be directly donated to “Ärzte ohne Grenzen”

Numbered and signed by both artists

Each artwork of the limited series is unique, mainly hand painted. Every artwork will be delivered with one pair of protective gloves made out of cotton and a certificate of authenticity singed by both artists. The certificate ensures originality and limitation of the series. Artwork will be unframed.

About the artist

The German artist Adultremix creates a very own world with his works: a newly collaged world(order) of pop-cultural symbols, images and signs of our time, which stimulates, frightens or even frightens as an artistic remix. The works of Adultremix are a visually aesthetic and at the same time substantive reflection of our society. Adultremix works and lives in Cologne.

„For me, a work of art is only good if it arises from necessity. A need. It can be a political need or a personal need, or ideally both. My art is supposed to be confrontation. It should scare you and make you think about it. For me, the job of an artist is also that of a troublemaker. I want to deal with situations, illuminate them and leave traces.“


All Artworks by Adultremix

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