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Flying Förtress works as an illustrator and designer and is the inventor of the legendary Teddy Troops. The Munich-born artist lives now in Hamburg and he already had his first touches with graffiti and the associated scene at the end of the 80s. However, his career was by no means straightforward and predictable; after a few years, he took a time-out from graffiti and stylewriting, which at that time did not give him the opportunity to live out his creativity freely and satisfactorily, and began a college education at a design school. The inspirations conveyed there, the learned techniques and methods, and the influence of his colleagues, who were studying from the most diverse motivations, made him find his own individual way and style. Despite his roots in graffiti, this is influenced by design elements, comics and characters, very figurative and also three-dimensional. The Teddy Trooper not only appears on the walls of many cities around the world, but also as toy figures, patches, as textil designs, and, of course, as screen printing in limited editions of silk screen prints. Techniques and the results are as diverse as his teddy troopers.

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