Neal X Jeff Gillette – Double Show

We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming exhibition of the two street artists Neal and Jeff Gillette, which will open with a vernissage on Friday, September 8, 2023 at our gallery. Entitled Neal X Jeff Gillette, the exhibition brings together the art of two successful artists under one roof, while also bringing the works of renowned US artist Jeffrey Gillette to Germany and Hamburg for the first time. On display are canvas works, screen prints and objects. For this, Jeff Gillette and Neal sent each other selected motifs and canvas works in the run-up to the exhibition in order to further paint, supplement or re-stage each other’s work. The result is a double exhibition of collaborative works created especially for the show, which will be on view exclusively in Hamburg. In addition, the exhibition will feature individual works by both artists and provide insight into the individual artistic creations of both artists.

In addition to the exhibition in the gallery, there will also be artworks by the two artists in public spaces. Works by Neal and Jeff Gillette will begin to appear in secret locations around the city in early September, carrying the exhibition at the gallery into the urban space.

About Jeff Gillette: U.S. artist Jeff Gillette has gained worldwide notoriety for his art juxtaposing Disney characters and drawn dream worlds with garbage dumps, slums and reality. His work fuses 21st century cartoon illustrations with traditional oil painting to highlight the global economic inequalities of the current world. Jeff Gillette has worked with the likes of Banksy, for whose most famous art project, Dismaland, Jeff Gillette contributed the idea template and title artwork.

About Neal: For many years the Hamburg artist Neal has been on the streets without anyone ever seeing him. With pointed stencil graffiti he turns the whole city into one big exhibition. With stencils at selected locations, Neal comments on topics that are currently topical or reacts to the general life in the city – usually with a wink and a good dose of humor.

Jeff Gillette from the USA will be present at the vernissage on Friday, September 8 and we are looking forward to a great opening evening.


Fr. 8. September 2023
19:00 – 22:30 Uhr

Ausstellung: 8. Sep – 1. Okt 2023

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