Street art is our passion and has been for well over a decade. What began as a cultural revolt on the street is gradually finding its way into museums. The artistic techniques of street art and graffiti have become established and have long been used in other art forms. With the exhibition RE:FRAMED – RE:PAINTED, we are devoting ourselves for the first time entirely to the contrast and clash between old and new. What happens when two seemingly opposing styles of art – urban art and “classical” art – collide? In an extensive group exhibition, numerous international artists show their works that play with contrasts and create something new through opposites.


DS ‘Depreciation Flowers No. 39’ (2023)

With artworks by: Andrew Scott (US) Sebastian Mueller-Soppart (DE) Falco (FR)  Adultremix (DE) Zir0 (DE) Milchbengel Ultra (DE) ILL (IRN) Marshal Arts (DE) Dave The Chimp (UK) Dropix (DE) Neal (DE) Nikkes (DE) Jeffrey Gillette (US) DS (UK) Liz Art (DE) PZY (DE) JPS (UK)

Art is known to be ahead of society and its time. Like society, however, art also changes with the times. Views, tastes and painting styles change, art never stands still and is constantly evolving. What is considered modern and contemporary today will be antique tomorrow. The exhibition RE:PAINTED – RE:FRAMED is dedicated to the change and transformation of art, as well as the clash of old and new.


Grand Opening
Freitag, 17. März 2023 ab 19:00 Uhr


17.03.2023 – 08.04.2023  

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