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Born in 1979. Started doing graffiti in ’94. Residing and working in Hamburg. 1010’s (pronounced tenten) artworks invite the spectator to enter a curious world of graphic illusions and alluring colours. His series ‘Abyss Serie’ does not simply attract concerning plain visuallity, but seems to be deliberate at the same time. At this state, he proves to be one of the most renowned Urban artists within Germany.


You come from the genre of graffiti. Since when have you been creatively active?

I did my first drawing in 1994. Prior, my creative productivity confined itself to High School’s fine Art classes.

How did you get in tough with Art?

Initially through spraying, actually. Early computer games on my Amiga 500, Cartoons, Comics and fantasy novels were probably inspirational as well. I guess these must have evoked my first steps into art.

What’s the meaning behind the name 1010?

Some time in 2005 I put up various figures made out of newspaper in public places. Their backs or chests were marked with either number 1 or number 0. TXMX, a photographer, functioning as Hamburg’s flaneur, photographed most of these paste–ups and then later tagged them as ‘1010’. I like that. A name made of numbers. At some point I just adopted it.

Your print is part of your series ‘Abyss’. Tell us about the idea behind that series!

I just tried to create something beautiful, something that pleases the eye. Maybe something that draws you in – in a way that you just cannot resist looking. Only after a moment, you will catch yourself in an act of staring. Kind of similar to the moment when you realize you have been staring at a beautiful person, like when your eyes seem to be glued to whatever it is that has caught your attention.

I first chose the external form, drawing in the following levels later on. The number of levels depends on external form and colours that I want to use or just happen to have on me. Once I have done the sketch, I start from the middle, meaning the darkest part of the hole, working towards the light.

Why ‘holes’? Do they mirror society?

Maybe only because holes seem to end in darkness; and that’s what’s encouraging our imagination.


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