Marcus & Liam Tanzen

About the artist duo

The Hamburg artist duo, consisting of Marcus and Liam Tanzen, create impressive wall miniatures with their works as a reflection of urban realities. Miniature sculptures worked out to the last detail in the form of house walls and cityscapes are her trademark.

“An attempt to authentically transfer graffiti into the gallery context while preserving the street atmosphere.”

Marcus und Liam Tanzen

The two artists produce the “Small Vandalism” series together. The two, father and son, work according to a division of labor: Marcus Tanzen, a full-time architect, builds relief-like facade models in the smallest of parts; Liam Tanzen, Illustrator, plays with the wall miniatures Graffiti and street art elements. The “Small Vandalism” series creates a small, fictional world. All places, but also all tags and crew names are not to be found in real life, but they often quote literature or rap, to create an authentic cosmos that could take place anywhere, but never does.

The father-son duo creates small-scale and detailed works instead of architectural high-gloss models and graphic drawings. “Small Vandalism” attempts to transfer graffiti in an authentic way into the context of the gallery while preserving the street atmosphere.

All Artworks by Marcus and Liam Tanzen

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